1. Loose Clothing

A simple loose t-shirt and sweatpants or work out pants will suffice for a
yoga class. You do not need to purchase any special clothing. Keep in mind that
there is a lot of stretching involved in yoga, and you may want to wear shirt
that fits comfortably when you stretch in either direction, or when sitting.

It is especially important to wear a long enough shirt to cover your midriff
when you lift your arms over your head or stretch them out to the sides.

2. A Pair of Warm Socks

Yoga is best practiced barefoot. Bring socks for the end of class meditation
when your body will cool down and your feet might get chilly.

3. A Zip-Up or Pull-Over Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt will also come in handy for the meditation portion of class.
In most yoga studios it is possible that you might start your work out with the
sweatshirt on and remove it as your body heats up with the gentle movements.
During the cool down portion and meditation it may be warmer to put the
sweatshirt back on.

4. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be purchased at the yoga studio or at a gym where there are
yoga classes. It is less expensive to purchase a yoga mat at any discount
retailer. For example, places like Ocean State Job Lot sell the same type of
mats for around $5. Or, it is possible to buy a yoga mat with a pretty handled
fabric back for about $15 at stores like Marshalls.

There are extra-long yoga mats available from specialty stores, but for the
average yoga student, they are not needed.

5. Towel

A towel serves different purposes during yoga. If you are likely to sweat,
bring a hand towel for wiping your face and to keep your hands dry.

Some yoga students like to cover their mat with a towel. This works fine for
sitting poses, but is not very convenient or safe for standing or balancing

During the meditation at the end of yoga class, a small or rolled up towel
could also serve as a small pillow or as an eye cover, deeper relaxation.

While some people may want to use a towel instead of a yoga mat, it is not
recommended. The towel could easily slip out from under your hands or feet and
cause you fall. It’s better to practice yoga directly on the floor rather than
on a standard towel.

6. Water

Bring a bottle of water to yoga class. Yoga is exercise, and sometimes you do
sweat. Most yoga classes last a minimum of one hour, and you would not go a
whole hour on a treadmill without water.

There are certain poses and sequences which may be more vigorous than others,
depending on the pace of the teacher, and you may get thirsty.

It is better to be prepared with a bottle of water than to have to leave
class to find something to drink.